Finding your inner child


What is your inner child?

The inner child is our connection to our memories that are buried deep in our unconscious.  When a thought comes up in our mind, we try and describe why we reacted the way we do, it becomes confusing because if ‘that person’ or ‘that situation’ had of been different it would have been ok.  “If my partner was different, I would be much happier”.  “If my boss didn’t manage me this way, I would be working so much better.”  “If the government did things differently, I would in a much better position in life.”
Activating an emotional trauma which raises an uncomfortable feeling such as anxiety, anger or some kind of distress, is us losing our cognitive function.  Our in control person driving our inner ‘bus’ hands over the wheel to our inner child and this is when we lose sight of staying in control of a situation.
Breaking down the trauma into important moments and feelings, allows for the anxiety to become manageable. 
When you tap into your inner child or your inner therapist, you become the driver of your life.  Your inner child is too small to drive s/he can’t even touch the pedals 🙂
If we continually look outside of ourselves for the answers to life’s conundrums we will only ever be confused and frustrated with what we see.  Understanding, listening, educating and connecting with our inner child builds inner compassion, self discipline and true connection with our authentic self. 
In your reading we access your inner child and continually check in with her/him so as to build the conscious connection. It’s a relationship that will develop and blossom into a love that you will wonder how you ever did without it.