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how do you meditate?

The tarot is a wonderful tool for meditation with 78 cards guiding you on each experience. 

Shuffle your deck (tarot or oracle), or if you don’t have a deck you can simply use a magazine or something with images you may like to choose from.

Tune into your body.  A simple technique I use with my clients, prior to starting a reading, is as follows:

Close your eyes and see the crust of the earth and feel its warmth, imagine the crystal energy from this space rising up through the souls of your feet as you  slowly breath in and out.   Keep breathing as you say hello to your ankles, calves, thighs, pelvis, torso, arms, fingers and shoulders… then allow them all to relax.  Continue to breath and relax your throat, relax your ears, jaw, mouth, tongue, nose and all the muscles in your face.  Then allow your eyes to soften and then drift deeply into your third eye, into the beautiful expansion, between the brow and then gently come to rest at the tip of your head.  Now – look up and see a ball of pure white light, this is your guide energy, allow it to flow down around you and through you.  From this space there’s nowhere to be, nothing to do, nothing to think.

As you bring yourself back into the room, choose a card and simply see what you allow yourself to focus on.  Do you feel a temperature in the card?  Is it warm or cool?  Does it feel heavy or light?  Imagine yourself walking around the card, what does it feel like?  What are you drawn to, what would you like to touch?  If there’s a person in the card what is their message to you?

Focus on the card for 1-10 minutes and then return to the room and journal your insights.  Do this as a daily practice and you will become beautifully acquainted with your deck in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.