Saging your home


Saging your home

Frankincense has been around for over 5000 years and was once considered more valuable than gold.  To cleanse space, place one or two Frankincense resin pieces on top of a circle of burning charcoal and place on a fire resistant base.  Move through your house fanning the smoke into the all areas of your home/office/car etc and have windows and doors open to release energy.  This cleanses space, releasing anxiety and builds connection to the higher realms and opens the third eye. Or you can use the Frankincense essential oil in your burner or on your skin (read instructions on skin reactions first).


Palo Santo is referred to as a Holly Wood.  Grown in South America and produced from wood that has fallen from the tree.  It is not permissible to cut down limbs or trees as this holy wood is in limited supply, so naturally, be mindful who you purchase from.  Ideal for cleansing smaller spaces as the wood burns out quickly (whereas Sage burns more readily), it’s believed that Palo Santo removes negative energy and brings in the positive.  Sage is known to cleanse all energy both negative and positive.


Incense sticks are always a beautiful way to cleanse space also.  Once again, open windows and/or doors and burn your favourite scent.


Bells and singing bowls are one of my favourite ways to cleanse, especially when visiting office space or the like, where smoke is not permitted.  Use a chain of bells or a single bell and do the same as what you would do with a burning element. 


Sacred words to cleanse your space:


May your pure white light

Of peace and love

Flow in and through me (this room, this house)

Removing any negativity before it

And disbursing it into your light.


Repeat these words as you move around your space and feel the words flowing through you