Success leaves clues


Absolutely Everything we do has a Strategy. Just as CEO’s strategically plan a new business concept to ensure the success of a company or a major overall aim, we individualy have strategies in place to create our every day lives.  When we become mindful of strategies our sense of self awareness and purpose becomes clearer, brighter, stronger, hightened and blissful.

A strategy can be the most simple thing, like putting a shirt on.  Even this act of dressing you have carefully thought out, and this acts as a way of ensuring that you dress is the most effective and efficient way possible (this is a unique technique for each person and a unique belief).  Try putting your clothes on in a different way.  Maybe take your clothes to another room and dress, put your opposite arm in the sleeve first.  Challenging yourself like is one of the first steps to achieving a new more flexible behaviour and this then filters into your everyday life, including business, relationships and friendships.  It’s a simple start and a fun way to create change.

The person or the system with the most flexibility of behavior will have the most influence on the system.

Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Does the old saying ‘but I’ve always done it that way’ just not resonate with you anymore? Maybe it’s time to try something new, shake it up and expand your awareness to other modes of reality.

Is your relationship strategy working for you?  Are you aware of the strategies you run in order to get what you want?

Relationships fail because of unresolved strategies and negative anchors.




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