NEW 2 hour Mentoring Sessions

Hi I’m Tania, and I’d love to see you at one of my new two hour mentoring sessions, held on the third Sunday of each month (April will be the last Sunday due to the Easter break)

$60 for two hours, located in Port Melbourne at the Neighbourhood Centre, Cnr of Nott and Liardet Streets.

10.00am – 12noon.

Bring along your deck, or uou can use one of mine.  We will do readings, and I will guide you through the process of reading the cards.  This is for all levels of tarot lovers.

Each month we will dive into readings and ruminations, discussions, lessons and a good dose of fun is what the sessions are about.  I hope to have you walk away from the session with a new appreciation for life and the tarot.

I love sharing my world of tarot in a way that I find, personally, an easy and fun way to integrate the cards into my every day.  Building a relationship with the cards is important and not being afraid to use them daily and journal your connection with the cards. I want to share how I have developed my relationship with the cards over the past 32 years.

I use the Mythic tarot to connect you with the story of the cards.  These stories are connected to any tarot deck you choose to use.

Payment can be made via the “Book and Pay” tab. Scroll down to the bottom section of the page and click on “Workshop” payment, this will take you through to a credit card payment screen.  If you would like to pay on the day, please let me know.

If you would like to express your interest in joining a workshop then I’d love to hear from you.  Email

Below are some insights into the Mythic Major Arcana to whet your appetite.

Love Tania x

3 – THE EMPRESS (the mother) 

Here we meet our Mother Earth, ‘Demeter’. She is Persephone’s mother and represents the essence of mothering and also a powerful entity who’s authority is recognised by the heavens. She taught men the art of ploughing and tending the soil and women the art of cooking, baking and grinding down wheat and grains.  In Astrology she is ruled by Taurus and Venus.

Demeter’s happy life is shattered when Persephone is stolen away by Hades (Death) and as a result allows the earth to die and wither. The clever Hermes (Magician) comes up with an arrangement in that Persephone would live with Demeter for nine months of the year and the other three months with Hades (Death). Demeter isn’t too happy with this arrangement and still suffers mourning which withers the life of the earth until Spring when her beautiful daughter returns.

When you meet Demeter you feel naturally at home and completely nurtured. Demeter appears in a reading when pregnancy is in the cards, also the creative arts is present here. It’s time to look at your physical health and diet and nurture your creative spirit. The shadow side of Demeter is also present as the grieving mother who explores her dark and light dualities and as the Fool (Dionysos) learns the lessons of instinctual nature.

What period of life did you see yourself as The High Priestess? Or who in your life represents The High Priestess?



2 – THE HIGH PRIESTESS (the daughter)


Ancient and unrevealed knowledge

Continuing on his journey along a path that winds deeper and deeper into the forest, The Fool meets a mysterious and beautiful lady, veiled and enthroned between two pillars with the three phases of the moon as her crown.

The High Priestess is the opposite of The Magician. Feminine in energy, she is the essence of water. She sits in quiet contemplation, where he stood taking action. She is surround by her inner world, whereas he was outside in the open for all to see.

The Fool approaches the veiled lady and tells her the story of his meeting with the Magician and the tools that he was given. There are so many things I can do with these wonderful tools, but how do I know when I’ve made the correct choice?

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, intuition, inner wisdom and also represents the menstrual cycle. She cradles a scroll which holds the secrets of the underworld. He is mesmerized by her and listens to her advice, she teaches The Fool to meditate and sit in quiet contemplation. He is now ready to take the next step and listen to his inner voice. The Priestess is traditionally seated in the centre of the symbolic pillars of Boaz and Jachin representing foundational strength (physical) and intentional directed energy (spiritual).  These pillars of the High Priestess card illustrate duality through long twisty roots running through the most esoteric layers of knowledge.

The High Priestess is a card of the tarot reader, an intuitive, spiritual person possibly a nun or someone on a spiritual quest. She illuminates the underworld with her moon crown and crescent moon at her feet and offers guidance during times of uncertainty. She is the keeper of secrets and can be uncanny with the amount of knowledge she actually knows. She is that gut feeling when you know that something is right or wrong.

The shadow side of The High Priestess is could be someone who is keeping secrets to her detriment. Someone who is going through uncertain menstrual cycles and may have depression or anxiety.


What period of life did you see yourself as The High Priestess? Or who in your life represents The High Priestess?









I – THE MAGICIAN (the son)


Creative focused attention

As The Fool joyfully travels his path, he meets The Magician. What an interesting character he thinks! What are all of those tools on his table? Why does he stand this way?

Meet the masculine, fire energy of The Magician. He stands in a confident pose with one hand raised above his head (channeling energy from above) and the other pointing down to the ground (manifesting into reality). He has the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water on his table, ready for him to utilize and manifest his creation.

The Magician is known as the ‘shape shifter’ (Sharmanic) in that he has the ability to turn something ordinary into extraordinary, turn weaknesses into strengths. When you are attuned to your highest intentions, then your manifestations become stronger and clearer. Just as the Magician pulls a rabbit from his top hat, instead of a rabbit, he pulls out inventive, creative and new ideas.

The Magician knows how to communicate both verbally and in writing. He’s an inventive soul with wit and charm and can get your attention by using his persuasive and persistent approach. He would make an ideal sales person, inventor, scientist or even doctor.

Symbols: The Lemniscate (infinity symbol), double ended wand, on the table, chalice, pentacle, sword (staff) and wand. Red and white flowers. Yellow background.

The shadow side of the Magician is that he can be a trickster. Sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. But through his charm and wit you may not see these qualities. He may not be aware that he’s even doing anything wrong. As with all the cards, there are positive and shadow aspects. We need both to make us complete.

What period of life did you see yourself as The Magician? Or who in your life represents The Magician?








The Fool from Vanessa Decort’s deck ‘sun and moon’ tarot (US Games)



The limitless energy of Spirit – We are all travelling The Fool’s Journey

As The Fool begins his journey with ‘0’ as his number, he meets aspects in each of the major arcana that he will integrate and create into his own unique world. In life we all play the Fool’s journey, constantly giving meaning to our experiences. We delete, distort and generalize until we find our own unique map. Each person’s view is different and unique. To compare one person to another is only giving rise to judgements and the shadow side of our journey – and you will meet the Judgement card along the way J

As the Zero, The Fool represents infinite possibilities and taking a leap of faith into a new idea or concept. The Fool trusts that all will be okay. To take leap of faith can be daunting for some, but The Fool doesn’t see the dangers or setbacks, he only sees the possibilities. With the sunshine above, this denotes the guidance from a higher source. Just as a child has no preconceived ideas about what to expect or believe, so too does The Fool. Once he steps off the cliff, where will he land? To The Fool, the adventure is the impetuous to propel him on his journey. He is free of old ways and limiting beliefs. Note the tiger jumping up at The Fool’s leg. Is the tiger warning of the dangers ahead or excited to be running free with his master? It all depends on how you perceive it…

The Fool may denote a period where a relationship has ended and the querent is ready to get back out into the world. Or a new career path or even retirement, a new home, a new intellectual pursuit. So many possibilities!

The shadow side of The Fool, the Fool can literally be the Fool. He may be the daydreamer and not listening his inner guidance and taking direction from his external world. This may be in an investment that’s too good to be true, listening to others who are leading him astray.


What period of life did you see yourself as The Fool? Or who in your life represents The Fool?










July’s card of the month


It can take the darkest of moments to realise just how much strength you truly have.

Strength – from the Celestial Tarot

When the battle for external recognition is no longer sought after or required, you tune into the Strength card.  The battle has become tedious and tiring.  You have now found your own centre and a knowing that you are worthwhile, that you do deserve to live a life that inspires and supports you. Breaking free from old friendships, associates, a partner, a business. It’s time to walk to the beat of a new drum.
You have access to an inner strength and wisdom that comes from living a meaningful life, and a life that’s now on your terms. It’s a sensation that you can’t shake, you know it’s your time so reach deep within and access the energy that ignites your dreams and launches you into the next chapter of your life.
Tania x


Tuning in intuitively to your cards is a practice that evolves over time.  You never stop learning and growing each time you connect to the cards.  I believe that pulling a card every day for yourself is a wonderful way of connecting and building your relationship with your deck.  You can make your ritual as long or as short as you wish.  Have a deck dedicated to your daily reading and also have it in a space that you will see it throughout your day.  When you pull your card ask “How will we connect today” and let go of any answer or need for a certain card to appear.  Leave the card in it’s sacred space and go about your day.  You may like to take a photo of the card on your phone as a reminder.  Return to the card before going to bed and journal your insights for the day.  You will always find a meaningful insight from your card. Have fun and love what you do X

Tania x


June’s card of the month


The Star – The Mythic Tarot

Twinkle Twinkle little star
Cosmic jewel, illusive, far
Guiding light
Brilliant, bright
You and the Universe
dance tonight
Darkness cloaks
your shimmering aura
Emits the signal
and awakes Pandora
Light years away
but inside me you play
my vibration expands
I join in the dance
Imbued with your love
I feel moon beams caressing
I bow and surrender
when I hear your confession
That darkness, our companion
our phantom our shadow
gives rise to our light
dear Star
be our guide tonight.
Love Tania x
 – – – – – – – – –

When you feel a sense of Hope, you are feeling the energy of The Star card.

Zeus created a plan that would be payback for Prometheus (Hanged Man) stealing fire from him and giving to us humans as sacred fire.

Zeus ordered the smith-god, Hephaistos, to make a human figure out of clay and water and fill it with life force. She was to be a virgin with bedazzling beauty with a gentle voice. He named her Pandora.

Prometheus (Hanged Man) warned Epimetheus not to touch the chest and this was conveyed to Pandora. But Zeus had made Pandora foolish as she was mischievous and idle as she was beautiful. She opened the chest and voila! Out came the terrible afflictions that Zeus has prepared in anticipation of this moment. Payback!

The only thing that did not escape the chest was Hope which the Spites held tight in the chest. Whereas all illnesses, insanity, old age, hard work, vice and passion erupted over mankind. Hope did not.

Despite disappointment and the consequences of life’s challenges, we all still have the essence of Hope. Hope is not something that you plan, it’s something that dwells deep within us. We know there is more to us that what we see on tv, or hear in the news, we are here to shine and to make a difference. Through the rubble of the Tower (Poseidon) we are now able to realise that anything is possible when we let go and believe.


To experience a greater connection to your deck, choose a card and take a few minutes to really focus on it.  Take in the intricacy of the images, the colours and the mood of the card.  When you feel you have observed enough, close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping into the card.  You will draw from your memory of the image and then take your connection to another level.  What does the card feel like?  Is it hot or cold?  If there is a person in the card, what message would they like to give you?  What message would you like to give them?  What do you see in our immediate area and what do you see off in the distance?

Keep a journal of your insights and keep expanding on your explorations in this way.  It really will take your readings to another level.

Tania x





Change is coming  |  Can you feel the pull?  |  What once was certain  |  Is no longer a thrill.

Expanding awareness  |  Creates the change   |  The unknown becomes known  |  The same mundane.

Be versatile and kind  |  Allow flow to be your guide  |  The infinity symbol  |  Will keep you warm inside

Duality is key  |  Highs and lows to explore  |  Your vortex will hold you  |  Until you believe and grow more

Let go of the old and embrace the new  |  Priorities shift as you focus on You

Your dream life awaits  |  Open up to the expansion  |  Step out of busyness  |  Focus on balance and passion

Let go, let in  |  Resign, begin  |  old career, new path  |  It’s your time for a fresh start

– Tania xx


Take a black and white photo copy of each of the cards and get out your colouring pencils!  Colouring each card will allow your own personality to be a part of your intimate connection with the cards.  This is a wonderful way to meditate with each of the cards and to explore where your unconscious mind takes you.

Keep a diary of your insights as you colour and use this as your own unique guide book as you grow and connect with your deck.

There is no right or wrong, you will find your own special connection with the cards.  Keep if fun and curious and enjoy the experience of getting to know your 78 Friends 🙂


21 Major Arcana (minus The Fool) – Rider Waite Smith deck