Allow me to introduce you … to yourself.

Tarot has been a part of my life for the past 30 years and I still love exploring and expanding with the messages of the cards. If you are ready to take a step into the next phase of your life story, the tarot will take you into your inner path where you will find that everything you need, you already have. All you need to do is remember what you have simply forgotten.

The journey we take will reveal what lies deep beneath the surface and what you are on the way to manifesting. Your reading has the ability to enhance your daily life by shedding light on any given situation or  bring to the surface underlying concerns that may be hindering you from moving in the direction you desire and aligning you with your true desires.

The cards you pull create a vision and it’s up to you to create the reality. Challenges may appear and these are part of your vibration, your reading will take you into these areas that need recalibrating energetically.   Ultimately you are responsible for how to play out the energy of the cards.  During your reading I will be listening, observing, feeding back your responses and providing tools for your new vision of the world around you.  Allow me to Introduce you… to yourself.

Readings do not just stop after one session, I will introduce you to the Integration Process where you walk over the Bridge of Integration, supported on your journey by myself and the cards. I am blessed to have many clients return and not only have a reading but also start using cards for themselves as a tool for expansion.

Unconscious journey

Just as the roots of an old tree support and nurture growth and life, so too does our unconscious mind support our outer world.  When we look within we nurture our potential and the external reality becomes an unlimited source of love, expansion and expression. When we connect to mother nature we harness the energy of the divine and when we allow this presence to be in the ‘now’ we receive the divine gift of insight.

Our general nature is to distort, delete and generalise what happens in our lives. When we take off the filters and see life for what it is we are more open to possibilities and that’s when it gets exciting!

A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I living my ideal life?
  • Are my relationships serving my higher self?
  • Am I loving the ‘Me’ I am becoming?
  • Is my health and fitness at its optimum?
  • Am I living life with passion?
  • Am I financially abundant?
  • Insert question here … 

You have Choice

The card’s energy demands your attention and when we work with them and consider the opportunities they present we see a broader picture of life. This opens the energy of the reading to possibilities and allows us to reach into infinity where the magic is!  It’s up to us as individuals to act and take responsibility and make it so.  If you’ve been on a particular path for what seems like eternity, it’s never too late to create a new space to move into your ideal outcome. I can show you the tools to assist you in creating this awareness.

78 Friends

To me Tarot is like having 78 friends in the palm of your hand – friends that tell you how it is, weather you like it or not :-).  Another friend that I hold dear is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and life coaching.  Using these added dimensions individually or blending them together creates a unique reading experience that you would find quite insightful and magical.

It’s not what the world holds for, it’s what you bring to it.