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III Cups – Self Improvement

III Cups

The focus of the three of Cups is self-improvement, self-healing, self-love, self-exploration and social interactions that awaken spiritual growth.  The animal kingdom are also a part of this self actualisation.

This is the time to be clear on your goals and desires, or how you want to present yourself or be know in the world around you.  Give your ideas a solid basis to work from it’s time to do something you love rather than just working for the sake of it.

There are supportive friends and family around you, absorb their cohesive energy to create the things you have been wanting to do.

Peace, Grace and Gratitude are what the three of Cups encapsulate.

Drink it in!

Perception is Projection

Perception is projection

What all of this means is that no matter what is going on around us at any one time, we are only ever seeing from our own unique perspective.  ‘Perception is projection’.

The Integration Process with Tarot Daylesford is about facilitating transformation within you in the most effortless way possible and being the change you want to see.  This process provides new perspectives on old understandings. More importantly, it provides essential tools which can lead to positive change quickly and effectively.

Mastering your Existence

Mastering your Existence was the theme of a workshop that my sister, Jodie Thomas, and I held with the theme of ‘Beliefs’ and how they are formed from both the psychological aspect and the spiritual side of life (left and right brain perspective).  The first in a series of workshops that will continue throughout 2013.  

Mastering your Existence creates the ideal space to delve into the core beliefs that are holding you back and highlight the positive beliefs that move you forward.  Working with both the shadow and the light, the integration process creates light bulb moments that you leave you wanting more.

Step up and reach for your goals with a view to achieving out of the ordinary experiences!

The following was written by Jodie Thomas as part of the workshop:

Beliefs are derived from seemingly the simplest of human interactions, however can create the most complex human existence. As a process lets consider a conversation between two people. When one talks, the other’s brain is processing information through their auditory system at a phenomenal rate. That person’s beliefs act as filters for the myriad of sensory information and guide the brain’s response.

Our beliefs are fundamental to our personality though we are not always aware of them. Yet every part of our life is dictated by these beliefs and rules. But how do they exist? Beliefs are typically formed at an early age by networks of neurons firing when stimulated by an event both positive and negative. They are derived from all our senses – something we have heard, smelt, seen, tasted or felt.

In general, beliefs which were established in our early years are after referred to as our core beliefs. Essentially, core beliefs are at the very heart (or core) of our sense of being, they are the way we understand ourself and all the things around us. They have enormous influence on our thoughts, feelings and the way we behave. These core beliefs largely dictate what you can and cannot do (rules) and how you interpret and respond (and react) to events in our world.

During our formative years our subconscious, young creative minds are dominant. This is a time we are focused on developing ourselves (0 to 10-12 years of age), and ability to discern is barely developed at this stage. As a result, our minds absorb and create through associations and literal translation generating many fragmented beliefs about ourselves. Some of these prove to support us while other inhibit. Because they are tucked away in the subconscious they often operate without realising it.

Beliefs adopted in early life tend to be very tenacious and difficult to shift. Even if you know that you hold an unhelpful belief about yourself such as “I’m ugly”, “I’m unlovable” or “I’m weak”, refraining from thinking and acting according to that damaging self-belief can be very difficult. Identifying and understanding the ways in which your past experiences have influenced the beliefs that you still hold is a useful first step to overcoming negative core beliefs.

Your core beliefs fall into three main camps.

Beliefs about yourself inform the way you understand your own self-worth. If you experienced harsh criticism, neglect or abuse as a child, you may have learned to think of yourself as weak or inadequate.

Your beliefs about other people also frequently have their roots in early life. Again, if you suffered traumas or very negative treatment from others you may adopt the belief that people are dangerous or untrustworthy.

Your beliefs about life in general and how the world operates help determine your general attitudes. If you grow up in a deprived or unpredictable environment you may develop negative beliefs about the world and life. Beliefs that the world/life is dangerous, cruel, or unfair are examples of the kinds of beliefs negative life conditions may give rise to.

The Devil

When The Devil card appears in a reading look out!  One of the first things that jumps out of the card is the darkness of the card, the black background hides a lot of information which indicates that it’s time for some shadow work to be done on the Self.

A man and woman are restrained by chains. A self imposed restriction as the chains are not tight, they can be lifted over the head quite easily – is it better the devil you know that the one you don’t?

In a relationship reading this card reveals that in its negative position that there are challenges ahead, not all is being revealed and you’re feeling trapped.  Spell Devil backwards and it’s ‘Lived’.  How are you limiting yourself within this relationship. Is there possessiveness going on here?

The Devil represents carnal desires. Hunger for food, power, greed and selfishness… sex, drugs and rock and roll!  Being bound to the material world.  Without these desires we would never climb that mountain, undertake that challenge that seemed out of our limits.  The Devil challenges you with every inch of its being to move you forward and can be a very spiritual journey when understood and not feared.

Love your inner Devil 🙂

Success leaves clues


Absolutely Everything we do has a Strategy. Just as CEO’s strategically plan a new business concept to ensure the success of a company or a major overall aim, we individualy have strategies in place to create our every day lives.  When we become mindful of strategies our sense of self awareness and purpose becomes clearer, brighter, stronger, hightened and blissful.

A strategy can be the most simple thing, like putting a shirt on.  Even this act of dressing you have carefully thought out, and this acts as a way of ensuring that you dress is the most effective and efficient way possible (this is a unique technique for each person and a unique belief).  Try putting your clothes on in a different way.  Maybe take your clothes to another room and dress, put your opposite arm in the sleeve first.  Challenging yourself like is one of the first steps to achieving a new more flexible behaviour and this then filters into your everyday life, including business, relationships and friendships.  It’s a simple start and a fun way to create change.

The person or the system with the most flexibility of behavior will have the most influence on the system.

Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Does the old saying ‘but I’ve always done it that way’ just not resonate with you anymore? Maybe it’s time to try something new, shake it up and expand your awareness to other modes of reality.

Is your relationship strategy working for you?  Are you aware of the strategies you run in order to get what you want?

Relationships fail because of unresolved strategies and negative anchors.




It’s not what the world holds for you, it what you bring to it.

A reading can be many things to many people. It has the ability to enhance your daily life by shedding light on any given situation or bring to the surface underlying concerns that may be hindering you from moving in the direction you desire. A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I living my ideal life?
  • Are my relationships serving my higher self?
  • Am I loving the me I am becoming?
  • Is my health and fitness at its optimum?
  • Am I living life with passion?
  • Am I financially abundant?

The card’s energy demands your attention and when we work with them and consider the opportunities they present we see a broader picture of life. This opens the energy of the reading to possibilities and allows us to reach into infinity where the magic is!  It’s up to us as individuals to act and take responsibility and make it so.

To me Tarot is like having 78 friends in the palm of your hand.  Another friend that I hold dear is integrating therapy with life coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – more on that later).  Using these two dimensions individually or blending them together creates a unique reading experience that you would not have thought possible.