Integrating your reading

Once you have experienced a reading you will understand how important it is to continue to explore your beliefs, what you stand for and how you interpret your world.  

These are core ingredients to building a deeper understanding of where you have come from and where you would like to be.

After your reading I aim to leave you armed with the tools you require to start creating the changes you desire. Email me six weeks after your reading and  I will do a follow up reading for you, via email.  This will enable me to check in and see how you’re travelling.  This is also an opportunity for you to stay connected to the reading’s outcomes and to know that you are supported throughout your journey.

Picture this:

Imagine yourself standing on one side of a bridge.  Where you are standing is where you’ve been for a very long time.  Your belief systems have kept you here and you know it’s time to create change.  As you look up and beyond the arch of the bridge to the other side you see the person you aspire to be.  A person with confidence, clarity, awareness, wealth and a deep awareness of their spiritual nature. In short, your Integration Process is the bridge that provides the access to the ideal you.  The bridge is the new belief system, the awakening of the unconscious patterns that will propel you to the other side.

Everyone creates their own reality of the world.  How we view our world is made up of life experiences, what we tell ourselves and what we believe we have seen, heard and felt during our time in the world.  Memories, relationships, values, decisions made, all create our unique map. Through the Integration Process we continue to work with your unique map.