The Devil

When The Devil card appears in a reading look out!  One of the first things that jumps out of the card is the darkness of the card, the black background hides a lot of information which indicates that it’s time for some shadow work to be done on the Self.

A man and woman are restrained by chains. A self imposed restriction as the chains are not tight, they can be lifted over the head quite easily – is it better the devil you know that the one you don’t?

In a relationship reading this card reveals that in its negative position that there are challenges ahead, not all is being revealed and you’re feeling trapped.  Spell Devil backwards and it’s ‘Lived’.  How are you limiting yourself within this relationship. Is there possessiveness going on here?

The Devil represents carnal desires. Hunger for food, power, greed and selfishness… sex, drugs and rock and roll!  Being bound to the material world.  Without these desires we would never climb that mountain, undertake that challenge that seemed out of our limits.  The Devil challenges you with every inch of its being to move you forward and can be a very spiritual journey when understood and not feared.

Love your inner Devil 🙂

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