Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords is a an analytical thinker.  She lives and breaths fairness and justice and will make it her duty to ensure justice is done.   Some may see her as a little too serious, that’s only because she’s focusing on the task at hand and making sure she has her thoughts aligned and in order.  You would want her on your team when it comes to leadership, she’s my ideal woman to brainstorm with.

When she appeaers in a reading, she can either represent you, the querent, a person you will meet or a sitation.  Aquarius is her sign and Air is her element.  Put those two together you and find a woman who can see the big picture in terms of human and animal rights. Her ideal career is in the justice system or as a teacher.  Generally she can represent a single woman, or a woman in a relationship who is very independent and loves her own company.

Being an Air sign myself, the shadow side of the Queen of Swords is what I call my ‘bitch girl, and I love her to bits!

How do you connect with your Queen of Swords?

What truth are you upholding?

Do you enjoy your own company?

Are you too aloof?

Are you using or hiding your intelligence?

Are you speaking your mind truthfully?

Let me know.




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