Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups, one of the most beautiful cards in the deck and a deeply visionary Queen who has psychic abilities that are deeply rooted in her understanding of self and her spiritual life.  She represents the Water element, has emotional integrity and a highly evolved sense of unconditional Love. 

When she appears in a reading she can either represent you, the querent, or a person that will have a significant impact in your life at this point in time. In relationship readings she may represent your ideal partner or a role model that will assist you on your path.

The Queen of Cups is caring and nurturing and enjoys a life of spirituality and someone you could confidently tell a secret to and know that it will go not further.

When a Queen of Cups personality walks into the room she has the ability to easily reads others often seeing people’s deepest sorrows and desires.  She is extremely calm and centered as a result of a profound attunement with the spiritual world.  She will motivate you in a way that has you thinking about the mysteries of life and seeing things in obscure ways. 

This is a time to connect to your heart space, share love, meaningful conversations, recharge your spirits and follow your intuition.

When you pull the Queen of Cups ask yourself:

Am I listening and following my intuition?

Am I connecting with people from my heart space, my heart chakra?

Are my emotions in balance? Are they nurturing me and others?

Who are you feeling romantic about?

Are you living in another world?

Are you living your dreams

As above, so below. Is my internal world a reflection of my outer circumstances?



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